Friday, 10 August 2012


In the morning room thirteen went to the hall for assembly. This guy named Paul was holding a bag with a prize inside. He said there  is a camera ,microphone and a memory card and he took a rugby ball out of the bag.

So room 13 was working hard for that camera so I crossed my finger that we would be the winner we did won and so Iisa and Shalom went to get the prize in the bag so I was excited about the camera and the prize so Makerita took a picture  with Miss King and then we took the prize back to our class.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Cross Country Training

Sitting on the netball court, we listened to Mr Marks tell us where to go. It was a new cross country course. So it about crossing the road and I said AHHHWWW MAN I don’t want to go across the road, we started to train now.

Running out of the school grounds, I went around Miss Ouano, round the corner, towards Miss King. My heart was beating fast so I stopped and walked. Miss King said to me “COME ON GLORIA AND DON’T STOP!!!!!!.”

I finally reached the finish line at the court. Feeling so tired because I had jogged and never stopped. Now it was time to walk around the court and do some stretching.