Thursday, 31 October 2013


An Orchard is a tree with fruit with seed or stone like Avacado, Apple and a pear and Majorie Clark works with Orchard and Organic that nature.
There are some bad insect like Spiders, Wasp, Green vegetables bugs and praying mantis eggs
and they might damage the Orchard and some wanted god insect to come like Butterfly, Caterpillar, 
Lady bug and Grasshopper.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Labour day

On labour day me and my family went to the beach and we went to find a table to have our
picnic. It was really funny and fun. We went home and we were all tired but not me and my brother
we just played and watch T.V. After that me and my brother got tired so we went to sleep. After that we woke up and we had to clean the house.

Friday, 25 October 2013


One day there was a girl name Manike and she saw a little boy but he was really naughty but Manike didn’t know he was naughty. “Hello” said Manike “my name is Manike and you are”?  she said “I’m James” said James “can I touch your hair” he said.

Suddenly James touch Manike curly black hair and he pulled her hair so hard “OUCH” she cried and James started to laughed loud. Then Manike through a stone on his head and then she laughed loud then went and cried and went to his big sister one was 15 year old and another one was 17 year old but Manike didn't know James had to BIG sister. "What happend to your forehead" said Molly “there was a girl name Manike and she through a stone on my forehead.

James sister was angry there face were turning red and they saw a bruce on his forehead “KATE GET SOME ICE PACK FOR JAMES” shouted Holy. Then Kate went and grab ice pack and she was so angry that she can melt the ice pack.

“Where is she James”? “well she all the way down the road and she live next to that park “well it seem like we going to get her tomorrow because it passed your bedtime”she said  when they into  went to bed but except for Kate and Holly. When it was morning Kate and Molly went walking down the road looking for Manike. Manike felt so sorry for James what she did then she played at the park next to her house and she saw two girls angry “what your name”? said the James sister, “uhhm I’m Manike” she said quietly she feeling a bit scared “why did you through a stone at James him well I gotta… RUN!” she said terrified and ran up and said “I’m about brother do anything I’ll make because my mum it a doctor and taught me a few thing to make it feel better” and she did and the sister were happy.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Immersion Assembly

I'm A Farmer and I Grow It! from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

On Monday we went to the Assembly to watch the immersion assembly on the first day school my favourite one was this one because it funny and I use to live in  farm in Samoa with my Nana and Papa.
Hope you enjoy

Farming Fish

This Richard and he come from a village called Togori on a island in Makira from Solomon. Every day people from the village goes fishing if the weather is fine and when the sea is calm. The people that goes fishing paddle along on there canoes to go fishing, if the sea is wavy they often not to go fishing. There village don't buy food or sell, we collect some food and give some to our families.

Isaiah is his uncle he is the bigman. One day he went fishing, he had an idea to let the from our country.
His way was to make a pond for the fish to swim and to live in, using the water from the sea around our village. Then we can get whenever we are hungry. People think it wacky. When his uncle Isaiah found amazing idea from the magazine all about farming fish. The magazine told all about the pool need to be flowing to keep it nice and fresh. So his uncle agree to make water for the pond. he found some pipe for the water to come through it.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013


On Tuesday we were doing matching, we matched up the title with a pitcher.

And is how you do it.
We been given some pictures and figure out what it was and what it meant. And putted it together and Mr Somerville cheeks it out and our group was Moas got to wrong but got some of it right our  group was working together as a team.

Monday, 14 October 2013

The Best Holiday

In the holidays I went to the airport, when we went inside the plane i was so excited to go to stewart island. We were in the plane for to day, suddenly were there “ WOW THIS AWESOME”
my brothers shouted at the same time.

These are the place we went to see:
we went fishing here
and saw some birds when we were hikin