Friday, 20 March 2015

Poly Fest

Hey guy team 5 went somewhere amazing. Where we went is poly fest. I was really excited when I step on the bus sat down with Mahana, Owen and Lee. Mean while we were there so we walked past the security and open our bag so they can check our if there are any bad things in our bag.

Our first activity was tennis. How we play that there a time leads how many second can the ball hit the wall. So yeah that how we play so we pretty much it how our  rotation that lead us  to different activity. My most interesting thing, that we get a free bag with some prizes inside, the thing that I learned was it was ASB 4th anniversary

What I learned was fire safety so we had a test how react in house with so recommend that I would get down get and get out fast.  So I really loved poly fest I had a lot of fun.