Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Reflection 2015

How do you feel about this year? Happy and Sad because because year had made this year pretty and it my last year at Pt England school. So the year are going to leave next because we have moved on to college which is going to be really difficult there.

What did you find especially satisfying this year? Pretty awesome because last year the year 7 didn’t go in many trip like this we get to go Polyfest, Camp, Rainbows end and Parakai pools

What did you find especially frustrating/difficult this year? The test because it getting more difficult for me to complete.

If you were going to grade yourself out of 10/10 for being awesome... what would you grade yourself? Why?
5 because I was negative in and out of class and my goal for next year is to try to be more positive to my friends and listen to the teacher.

In what ways did you contribute to team 5 in 2015?
I joined kapa haka because I love performing in front of audience. Miss Tito is the person who lead our kapas so she is leaving us to another place so our kapa is planning to have a share lunch for her to show her how much we care for her.

What would you change yourself for to 2016? Be more positive and make new friend and attend sports to be fit and healthy.

What things you might need help with? Need help with my writing skills

What could you show your teacher from your blog to help her/him understand those things?
Add punctuation and be more specific.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

There, They're and Their

There, They’re & Their
Complete the sentences by using one of the words there, they're or their.

My cousins are watching their favourite TV show.
Will we get there before eight o’clock?
I love my school but I wouldn’t want to live there . Nicholas and Mark told me that their coming over.
Chris and Tina are studying for their math test.
Their is no excuse for getting your clothes dirty.
They took their dog, Sam, to the beach.
They’re so happy that the term is almost over.
My sister and her friend think that their dance is best.
If you find them, tell them they’re late.
I or Me
Complete the sentences by using either ‘I’ or ‘me’
in the gaps

Sione and I will be going to Tonga in the holidays.
You and I need to go shopping later on.
The teacher asked Sue and me to tidy the classroom.
My mum and dad care for my brothers and me.
Robyn, Cheryl and me are going out for a coffee.
Ethan and me own a horse.
The dogs were barking loudly at Anna and I.
Jesse and me would like to get a new laptop.

The voice in the park

Here a link to Voices in the Park